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    Oct 23, 2002
    Costello and his team just released the 1.1 version their software to manage roms, romlist, screenshots and boxart!

    *What's new?*
    - RANKING SYSTEM ADDED ! You can rank and see the ranks of each game !
    - New icons, looks better
    - Admin Message: the admins write you. Allows to check for new versions or downtimes!
    - IMPROVED SKIN, with new buttons on the main form
    - You can get screenshots from the main form ! (renewed interface)
    - Top-Rankings and Top-Downloads added on the official website !
    - Italian translation added by Z3n|Th
    - TRANSLATOR Greatly Improved !
    - Avoid server downtimes: the list of availables servers is now changeable by admins !

    You can download the software from this
    thread or visit GBARMS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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