GBAChef: Your food sneaking/hiding habits

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    If ever there is a thread discussing your pets you can bet it is a password grab. This one is more subtle and designed to figure out which among you grew up as an only child, or possibly later got housemates or dated someone with kids and had to learn fast.

    To that end what do you do to hide food so others do not eat it, do you store food in your room, in some other hidden spot, much like everybody with housemates probably should keep a spare bog roll in their room do you do anything like that for food?
    This can also be community food, what passes for a pantry around here is an old chimney and/or an understairs cupboard. You can bet a packet or crisps or some noodles get stashed where there is not normally such thing to be ready and waiting for such a time, this is a known art and practiced by all that use it though so you end up with multiple layers of deception.

    Also included are those that maybe grew up without siblings and observations you have noticed for those that did. Growing up with siblings tends to see one adopt convict style eating habits (hands around the plate and approach from the back to help ward off others that might try) and become very adept at stabbing people with a fork as someone tries to sneak something off your plate. Likewise eat fast, defensively and regardless of whether you like it or you do not get seconds..... always seems to make for comments later when you work in an office or something.

    This inevitably also leads on to fridge tetris meets food chicken. You can bet all the snacky foods (pork pies, scotch eggs, small yoghurts, sausage rolls, cold cuts of meat*) you can shove into your gob when standing with the fridge door open will be gone inside a day or two, unless of course you hide them under the stuff that needs preparing and hope the laziness factor kicks in.
    This cuts the other way too and I have found leaving the grapes in such a position not only gets people to eat more fruit (rarely a problem if the state of the banana supply is anything to go by), it reduces scotch egg consumption and means the grapes get eaten before they go bad.

    *cold cuts + some sauce of your choosing (usually chillies or salad cream), good times.

    Also give or take fork scars as long as there is no permanent damage there are no rules other than sabotaging food (dousing it in chillies for example, something that never worked anywhere I lived so nobody did it) is serious frowned upon.