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    I have seen a few of these full length videos etc on the net. Are these full length films actually GBA carts? And if so, were they ever "released" *ahem* or do you require specail hardware for the GBA to run them?
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    Those were regular cartridges you didn't need anything else but the card.
    If you're talking about flashcarts it's the same, any flashcart capable of run GBA games can run this. But you don't want too, 'cause it looks terrible.
    I saw a few SpongeBob chapters anyway [​IMG]

    Side Note: There were 30 releases of this GBAVideo thingys back in the day. And some series still having the Undumped status.
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    At PocketHeaven we had a small discussion about this and determined that some of them like the Shrek one must be at least 64 MB in size to fit all the data in, using bankswitching to overcome the traditional 32 MB limit, which is why it won't work with most/all dumpers. The 32 MB ones however have been dumped, like the Sonic X one and various Nickelodeon shows.
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    There was even one GBA video with both Shrek and Shark Tale on a single cart. Search Google for details, I didn't own any GBA video titles myself.