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    Jan 20, 2007
    Hi All

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a DS-X for my DS and I would like to play some GBA games. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a similar cartridge to the DS-X available for the GBA slot?


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    Some of the memory card using devices are pretty cheap and reliable so I would suggest on of those (supercards are not the best for GBA mind: ).

    Supercard (and clones), EZ4 and M3 lines aside pretty much every GBA card works either by lead to the card, GBA link port (be careful if you only have a DS) or a linker device (my preferred route).

    They come in two flavours
    NOR cards: they use exceptionally fast memory but are limited to around 1 gigabit (128 Mbytes) in size and are expensive for the size they afford. Usually though they are solid carts and roms start instantly. They tend to lack the interesting features in the RAM using carts and are limited to cheats and reset functions.

    RAM using cards: Much like the external memory cards these have larger memory (1 Gigabit to 8 Gigabit (1 Gbyte) I have seen although I think there are some larger ones around). These have a delay starting the rom to transfer to onboard memory sections but are usually pretty reliable. They often have interesting features like rom compression and save states as well.

    I short I would plump for an external memory device such as the M3, EZ4 or if you really want a self contained one G6 as they have the best GBA support (and damn fine DS support for that matter) of all the modern cards not to mention they all have versions designed to fit in the DS lite. I will however say be careful if you do have one of these as they have cheap versions with limited GBA support.