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    GBA Tools and Software

    Welcome to the Tools and Software section for the GBA.
    Here we have listed all the useful software that is available to organise, fix, patch and manage your GBA ROMs.

    ROM Patchers and Tools

    > GBA Tool Advance - By coolhj of WRG/Handholder - visit Official Website
    GBA Tool Advance (aka. GBATA) is the best all-in-one GBA ROM tool. It has a built in SRAM patcher that supports the widest variety of save types (inc. EEPROM v125/v126!).
    GBATA also allows you to view header information of a ROM; remove certain intros; fix overdumps; trim ROMs and more!
    A must-have tool!> GBAtemp EEPROM v124 Patcher - By GBAtemp - visit Official Website
    A tool by yours truly! Our home grown EEPROM v124 patcher which is incredibly easy to use, just drag the ROM into the application and it will be automagically patched.> 1024Kbit Flash Patcher - By xul8t0r - visit Official Website
    This tool will patch ROMs that use 1024kbit Flash save types, to make them save properly on a regular flash cart.
    It does NOT work with the Pokémon games.> FLASH512_V130/FLASH512_V131 Save Patcher - By Torne - visit Official Website
    This tool will fix problems with FLASH512_V130/FLASH512_V131 saves on such carts as the EZ1/XG1 and Xtreme carts.
    Please note that this tool must be run from the command line.> Flash Advance Toolkit - By Costis - visit Official Website
    This is a multi purpose tool with integrated: intro remove, multi-ROM patching, IPS patching, ROM trimmer, EEPROM patcher, header viewing.
    Very useful! (But does not support ZIP files for now)> IPSwin - By ZeroSoft - visit Official Website
    An easy-peasy and incredibly handy application for applying IPS patches to files (eg. ROMs).> GBA Intro Remover - By Opoth - visit Official Website
    Great intro remover! Simply put ROMs in the directory of this tool and the program will autodetect the ROMs with intros and remove them with 00's or FF's.There you will find a list and a download link for most important tools for your GBA, such as rom trimmers, rom patchers and so on:)

    Pogoshell 1.2.h1 by Herg [HOMEPAGE]
    A must for all flash users. This program allows you to easily manage roms on your gba, keep all your saves without need of backupping, play nes games , mods and more! Download it!
    The .h1 version includes a wallpaper feature too!

    Find skins for Pogoshell here

    Pogoshell 2.0 Beta3 by Sasq (Right click>Save as...) [HOMEPAGE]
    The Pogoshell buid of the original author: Sasq. Some differences between this version and the one of Herg... Read this thread to find out those differences!

    PogoShell1.2.2-bridge all-in-one [HOMEPAGE]
    This newborn program is a variant of Pogoshell which allows you to use the GB Bridge with Gameboy Mono/Color and Gameboy Advance saves. The all-in-one package includes: Modified Makefs -by ORG , PogoShell1.2-bridge -by Newbie , GBLoader -by A600 , GBOrder Utility and SRAMBridge Utility.

    Sram Explorer 2.0 beta4 by Lestat (Right click>Save as...) [HOMEPAGE]
    Useful program to extract savefiles from a dump of Pogoshell sram bank. A cool GUI will make the job easy! Thumbs up for Lestat!


    [url=]GBA Shell Renamer 1.0 by Costello[/url][HOMEPAGE] [Release list no longer updated [img][/img]]
    One of the best GBA Renamers. Its most powerful function is to integrate Windows, in order to when right-clicking on .GBA or .ZIP files you can rename the rom directly. Supports ZIP files, also front-end, double renaming method, check it out to discover its numerous functions.

    [url=]GBARen by CatWeasel [/url][HOMEPAGE]
    Excellent GBA renamer, uses the PocketHeaven romdat. Supports ZIP files.


    [size=13]FLASHING TOOLS

    [size=9]Flash2Advance Writer USB 1.1 by BG [b]Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP[/b] [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url]
    Writer for f2a with the USB Linker. DOWNLOAD USB DRIVERS [size=9][b]HERE[/b]

    [size=9]Flash2Advance Writer 3.1 by BG [b]Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP[/b] [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url]
    Integrated support for both HiSpeed Linker (parallel port) & USB Linker.

    [size=9]Flash2Advance Writer Hacked USB Drivers[b]Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP[/b]
    Hacked USB drivers for Flash2Advance, may work better. [size=9][b]HERE[/b]

    [size=9][b]FixDLPORTIO by Yossarian[/b]
    This patch fixes the 'DriverLINX' error. Run the .exe then restart your machine.

    [size=9]LittleWriter [url=][b][DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE][/b][/url]
    Great flashing software that is compatible with: Visoly Cart 64 Mb , Visoly Turbo Cart 64 Mb , 128 Mb, 256 Mb, Visoly Extreme Cart 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256Mb, 512 Mb, EZ-cart 128 Mb, 256 Mb, Pro Cart 64 Mb, 128 Mb, 256 Mb , X-rom cart 512Mb

    [size=9]Ez Client 3.03 by EZGroup (Right click>Save as...) [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url]
    This writer works with all models of EZFlash.


    [size=13]ROM LIST MANAGERS

    GBAlls 1.6 by Vinpire - You can download it here: [url=][/url] (thanx to mr_0 [img][/img] ) Download screens and box arts at: [url=][/url] or at [url=][/url].
    GBAlls is a Gameboy Advance Rom Launcher for Windows. It features rar, zip, and uncompressed rom support, online updates, screenshots and much more! If you want to know more, just give it a try!

    Offline list 0.7f by Replouf66 (Right click>Save as...) [/size] [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url] [Download screens for Offline list [url=]HERE[/url]][/size][/size]
    Another great rom list manager! An easy interface, a great search engine and the possibility to download every single game's screenshots are the strong points of this program. Give it a look.
    Current version available on the website: 0.7f

    GBAfront v2.0 beta 5 by LuisMarcolino (Right click>Save as...)[/size] [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url] [Download screens and box arts [url=]HERE[/url] [url=]or HERE[/url]][/size][/size]
    GBAfront is a front-end program for Game Boy Advance emulators and helps you to organize your GBA Roms collection. It has Snapshots, Title Screens and Box Art support

    GBArms 3.01 by Costello (Right click>Save as...)[/size] [url=][b][HOMEPAGE][/b][/url]
    GBArms is a complete program with integrated rom-search, rom-renamer, rom-downloader functions.
    Snapshots,Title Screen,Boxart and .NFO support.


    MUSIC PLAYERS[/size][/size]

    MusicPlayer Advance V2 by NEiM0D

    Play music on your GBA, very good player and interface, need to coinvert music files to MPA before creating the rom.

    GSM player (build 20040306) by Damian Yerrick (Right click>Save as...)
    Play music on your GBA, the file size is quite small and you can fit 150 minutes of music on a 256 Mbit flash cart. Need to convert files to wav before converting to a rom.

    GBAlpha Walkman v2.0 (Right click>Save as...)

    Play music on your GBA, very good quality but chinese language.

    Elffinal's MIDI (Right click>Save as...)
    Morph any MIDI to a GBA rom. Good program!




    GifOnGBA 0.10 (Right click>Save as...)

    Gif viewer for GBA with zoom & other functions.

    GBA jpeg Viewer 2.5 by Tony Savon (Right click>Save as...)
    Great program to convert jpg images into a gba rom, thanks to the Jpeg compression up to 1000 hi-quality pictures can fit on a 64mbit cartrige.




    GBA Button Tester Demo by TeleKawaru (Right click>Save as...)

    This Rom can be used to test if your button works either on visualboy advance or real hardware (a flash cart is needed).

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Save patch for EURO version (Right click>Save as...)

    Save fix for FFTA (EURO).

    Super MArio Advance 4 Save fix

    Save fix for SMA4.

    Zapper IPS introremover Patch

    Remove the intro from the game Zapper.

    Karnaaj Rally IPS introremover Patch

    Remove the intro from the game Karnaaj Rally.


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