GBA that underclocked itself?

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    Hey everyone- so when I was younger, I had a first-gen silver GBA. I'm not sure if it got hit or something, but it would basically behave like this video @3:56:

    Everything would slow down, games running half-speed, including the music. If I smacked the thing it would usually switch whether it was slow or normal (sometimes more than one smack), or occasionally it would just slip back and forth itself.

    What I'm wondering is: what the fuck could have caused this? IIRC this didn't happen with GBC games, so it must've been something with the ARM7... I unfortunately traded it in right as the SP came out, from a mix of this being incredibly irritating when I didn't want it (I DID use it to get the record on the bicycle road in Pokemon Sapphire...) and because the SP would let me play YuGiOh under the sheets when I was supposed to be sleeping, so I don't have it to take it apart. I'm just really curious years later if anyone else had this happen to them.

    I've also been called a liar on GameFAQs years ago for saying this...? No idea why I would lie about this of all things...
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    Only thing I could think of would be the switch in the cartridge slot that determines GBC vs. GBA mode, but that would also change the pinout, so I'd think that would crash the game.

    This would need to be tested on a disassembled GBA with a cartridge that you don't care about potentially damaging (since GBC mode is 5V, whereas GBA mode is 3.3V).