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    When i lent my GBA SP AGS-101 to a friend of mine she apparently kept in a cupboard together with an air-freshener. That air-freshener lay on top of the GBA SP and the chemicals badly damaged the case.

    At first i was really angry, but i quickly calmed down and ordered myself a new case.

    The case cost me about 7,60$

    I couldn't be happier with the result.
    Here are some pictures:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I ordered the case from AliExpress and the quality is great!

    The plastic doesn't bend and feels high-quality.

    The colors are applied evenly and it has a nice shimmering-effect to it (I hope the picture with the flash on shows that).

    The original battery cover that comes with this was red, but i used my old one, since it was still usable and i liked it better that way.

    Some of you may already know where that design comes from. It is based on the chinese equivalent of the GBA SP, the "iQue Game Boy Advance SP" in the "Year of the Dragon" Limited edition.

    The only thing i really need now is an AGS-101 Sticker, since it comes with an AGS-001 Sticker.

    PS: For those of you interested in the case, here is the link:
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