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    May 9, 2008
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    looking for a cart that:
    -works with a GBA SP (dont really care about NDS)
    -has a RTC (for golden sun, pokemon, fire emblem, etc)
    -has expandable memory either thru sd/mini-sd/cf/whatever as long as i can plug the card into my comp, copy my games over and play them with little to no patching
    -under $50 (a pipe dream maybe?)

    links to places with them in stock preferable.

    only ones i found were the M3 Perfect SD and miniSD on for $72 each. any other (cheaper) alternatives?
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    Apr 21, 2008
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    the old Flash2Advance kits went up to 1 GIG of internal memory and had the ability to set save type while flashing. the clock was a feature listed on the box for the kit i own but i never used it. the issue here is that the f2a required a GBA and the usb linker (provided with the kit) to flash stuff over. the older versions had a printer port linker.

    if you can find one now they are under 30 bucks. mostly because they are 7-8yr old technology. but as for slot2 i still use mine all the time, works great with roms and homebrew. i have the 128mb version (which was $140 back then) and i can hold 2-4 GBA games or 3 GBA and a small comp. of pocketnes. so the 1GB would be great for on the go.

    i can see the appeal of msd, having 2+ gb on you is great. but really if your taking small trips around town the 1gb would be just fine.

    also the m3 team has a version of the m3 perfect that is a gba cart size. the m3 lite comes with a gba shell and i can boot directly into it using the slot2 feature of my nds. i assume then that the slot2 functionality would work in a gba sp but i have never tried it. you would probably want to either ask on their forum (check my sig for a link) or just do some google research. the m3 slot2 cards support msd up to 2 gb.

    i've used a 1st gen m3 movie player with compact flash on the gb sp and it works great. it comes with pocketnes in the firmware and dwedit recently released an updated version that can reflash the firmware. you might want to check into these are they can be picked up for pretty cheap, and often pop up on ebay for next to nothing.

    i'm sure others can comment on some of the other slot2 kits that were available, some of which you can find for sale on various sites. i have not used others so i can't really say anything more than opinions based on speculation.

    check here for some more info:
    * the f2a is listed is not working for the sp but it does work. the thing is you can't flash it on the sp from what i recall. also the info on this site is old but it should help to point you in the right direction to do your own research.
    * this was posted already and has some recommendations on slot2 GBA kits.

    -another world
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    1. Only Pokemon uses the RTC out of those games.
    2. Games will always have to be patched.
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    Though it doesn't have a RTC, I'd go with the EZ-Flash IV. There are patches for the Pokémon games so that you can change the time with button combinations anyways.
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    Agreed, go with the EZ Flash IV. [​IMG]
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    g6 lite caters to all your needs, but it may not be in your price range and has internal memory although is more than enough for gba games.