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    Oct 23, 2002
    Many users reported a malfunction when FLASHING their Flash 2 Advance Carts with the newborn GBA SP.
    The problem occurs only during the flashing operation, the graphics of the games may result with glitches and errors, while a CART FLASHED WITH AN EXTERNAL LINKER OR A NORMAL GBA WORKS FINE.
    The strange thing is that someone can flash with it, while others can't. What can you do if your GBA SP does not flash your cart?
    1)Buy an external linker, such as the one for the Flash advance Carts or EZ Flash carts.
    2)If you have it, use a normal gba to flash the carts and play them on the SP.
    3)Pray that maybe just a writer software upgrade can fix the problem [​IMG]

    To read more and post your experiences use this THREAD

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