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    So when i was a little kid i used to have a gba sp(confiscated by parents, returned 10 years later), and i got a replacement battery for it(been in storage for almost 10 years now), a couple years ago i bought myself a new GBA SP(not the same one i had when i was a kid), and i have loved it, but recently ive noticed the red light comes on at random times and switches back to green and goes back and forth, this never bothered me till my GBA started shutting off at random times, and I had not used my New GBA SP in almost a year now, and it was in charging for almost a year until recently ive started using it, im starting to worry if i have irreversibly damaged its battery life, and since the only replacement battery i have was in storage for 10 years, im wondering if that has a good battery life too, also im wondering if my OLD GBA SP's Battery life will also be affected by being in storage for a long time. so here are my questions laid out nice and simple: a Li+ battery life damaged by being charged for long periods of time beyond reaching full capacity?

    2. does storing a Li+ battery for long periods of unuse damage its battery life?

    3. (IF #2 IS TRUE:) Does a Li+ battery that has been in storage since genesis(JK, about 10 years) have a good battery life?

    4. should i Unplug my Gba SP from charging after full charge? or does the GBA SP have the ability to block the battery from being charged after reaching max capacity.

    Please respond as soon as possible, as I love my GBA(both of them) more than my DS, WII, and most of my electronics
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    1. You mean by charging the battery past its capacity? Absolutely.

    2. Yes, although to what extent depends on a lot of factors (how long it has been unused, what temperature it was stored in, how much capacity it was charged to before being stored). Most manufacturers recommend to charge a Li battery to about 50% before storing it for long periods to minimize this effect.

    3. Impossible for me to tell, you need to test it.

    4. It doesn't matter if you unplug it. The GBA cuts off power to the battery once it is fully charge (when the orange light turns off that means your battery is done charging and is no longer being charged).
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