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    I have another problem though,I bought the super card sd with the super key and I only have downloaded 2 GBA Games that work(Contra advance and Xmen apocplyes) and they work.But when I try to download other games the GAMEBOY LOGGO appears and after that it goes blank white(like the nes and gbc files I had)So can some one help me please!!!Because I am getting really annoyed here..........So far I have nes,gb,gbc and 2 gba files on my supercard and they work fine,but when I try to dowload gba(even from different sites) I still get the white blank screen.
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    nes, GB and GBC get emulated by the loader/firmware but said emulation is based on older versions usually. If you want to use it on the GBA the I suggest you look up
    pocketnes (Dwedits builds) or HVCA - nes
    GB - Goomba
    GBC - Goomba color (Dwedit again)

    In the DS
    nesDS (recent builds adding DLDI and saving)
    GBÂ - Lameboy (perhaps not as polished as Goomba but good).

    The supercard series has some of the worst GBA compatibility though:
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    You ARE running the GBA games through the patcher software aren't you? I have 203 GBA games currently in my Supercard miniSD and other than some slowdown in many of them (Supercard's fault), they all otherwise run fine.

    Some games won't run if you patch them with certain options enabled/disabled in the patcher....trial and error is the best way to determine how to patch them. Not all games can be patched the same way. Not all games work in the Supercard, about 85% do though. But ALL compatible GBA games MUST be patched in order for them to work.

    Here's a Supercard GBA compatibility list (fairly incomplete):

    DS compatibility list for Supercard slot2:

    Patcher software and firmware updates for all Supercard's available at:

    Hope that helps you.