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  1. leinad

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    Uhm, yeah: its just a small question

    Is there any info about the size of a GBA-Rom INSIDE the rom ?
    So just think of it if I would have a "rom" which is 64MB [=wrong size] and I want to find out the proper size
  2. Sir VG

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    The best place for info on GBA files is - just use the GBA search engine to look up the name of the game.

    BTW, all ROM sizes are in Mbits (Mb), not MBytes (MB). 8 Mb = 1 MB
  3. Destructobot

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    You can trim GBA roms with GBATA or NDSTokyoTrim, if that's what you're getting at. It doesn't save nearly as much space as trimming DS roms though.
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    The "proper" size is the power of two. The amount of actual data compared to this power of two varies from game to game. Destructobot basically nailed it. Grab a timmer app and it will remove as much space as it can, and that will be what you consider the "actual" size.