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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Hiya, I've just been wondering.....
    In a GBA cartridge (commercial game), would there be any RAM? Because if there wasn't then why would there need to be ram to run a ROM?
    If they do have ram... then why can't we use it instead of one of those EZ Flash thingys.. or RAM Expansions??? Just wondering [​IMG]
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    GBA cartridges are ROMs, aka Read Only memory. The GBA functions in a way that requires a really fast response time from the cartridge, which official games can supply. With our devices however, we must find something that we can write to ourselves that the GBA will accept as being fast enough. SD cards are way too slow for this, so we use RAM instead since it's relatively cheap. Before RAM-based devices appeared, most GBA flash carts used NOR flash (the 3in1 has NOR in addition to RAM). NOR is very quick to read from, but it's very very slow to write to, which is its main disadvantage.