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    Sep 23, 2006
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    Going to college soon, I know I'll be strapped for cash when it comes to multimedia and stuff. Getting to the point, I just wanted to know what flash card to get if I wanted to play ROMs and movie/music files. I'm here:

    Play-yan - Perfect video and music compatibility
    GBAMP (CF) - Not sure of the vido quality, would assume perfect music compatibility, Heard of a Chisms hack or somthing that grants homebrew compatibility
    M3 adaptor - Perfect GBA compatibility, not sure about music or video.

    It appears that I'm in an "either-or" situation, between media and games. can somone help me out here please?
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    Well, the GBA it´s not the best if you want a multimedia console, I used to play some music on my old X-ROM with the GSM player it have a really aceptable quality. Video sucks, I´ve tried so many different programs and I only get:
    "LOW quality" or "Good quality--Insanely big files"

    You should get the cheapest flashcard and some mp3 player [​IMG]
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    The play yan I would say is your best GBA multimedia option although a flashcart will facilitate games too.
    Whatever happens the video will look awful on a GBA player (to the point of being useless).

    The GBA and consequently the GBA player are too slow for realtime MP3 decoding and the best video option is meteo (may also see it incorrectly called avi-2-gba) which will make files like laguerzinho said (10 minutes for a max gba rom size (32 megs) is pushing it to breaking point).

    Any multimedia playback on the GBA is dwarfed by the DS and other stuff though.
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    You can check out GBA The Movie Way for stuff on GBAMP and M3 in terms of videos for those devices.

    They aren't exactly terrible, though it is quite a b*tch to make that content using the proprietery media converter from MovieAdvance.

    Have a look around and see what you think. Check my sig.
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    Apr 4, 2006
    I was about to write a lenghty essay on the pros and cons of all devices mentioned, but now I'll just urge you to take Rue's advice and go to GBATMW.

    Go on.

    Why are you still here?