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    A little backstory; as recent as a few weeks ago I have decided that I want to collect GBA related things. I passed by this retro game shop and bought a GBA SP, the same color and model that I once had as a child, and one game. After this purchase, I have been buying more GBA games from the same store. However, being a small store, they do not have everything that I want, and their items in stock change very often. For example, one day I saw Pokémon Yellow, and two days later the game was not there any more.

    Yesterday, I received a GBA Micro that I ordered from Amazon about a week ago. The description said that it would be heavily scratched, worn, and whatnot, but I still bought it because it is not much of a big deal to me. The GBA Micro fits the description so I am happy with the purchase. Though, one thing that I notice is that the shoulder buttons make a metal noise when I click them. It sounds as if there is a spring or something stuck, and it is being pulled out of place. I was curious and wanted to know if this sound is normal.

    If it is normal then it is not a problem to me, but I would still like to know the answer regardless. I also plan on buying the 20th Anniversary Edition in a month or two, so we will see how that goes.
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    A few years ago I had a Gameboy advance that did the same thing with the R key, and a few more years later, I had a Gamecube controller that did the "click" with the R trigger.
    It's strange... should be normal tho...
    It might had fallen and released something, you can open and see what's up
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    yeah the gba micro has a click noise when pressing the L/R buttons its normal
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