GBA Hoenn Improved Soundtrack

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  1. sniper_x002

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    Jan 13, 2016
    Edit: I have released the soundtrack, if you want it then comment.

    So I used foobar2000 to redo the Hoenn soundtrack with the same soundfont, and it turns out to sound MUCH better than the 'original' quality. I was wondering if anyone was interested in this, most songs sound a bit better (pretty much all the songs have less/no fuzziness from the quality of the GBA sound), a few songs sound much better and maybe 1-2 sound worse than the original (Opinion anyway). I have all (as far as I know) already converted, but I have around 20 that I have yet to name since I can't figure them out. I also have the Kanto (GBA) soundtrack improved in the same way but I always liked the Hoenn soundtrack better. Any interest in it?

    Screenshot of the OST.

    League Champion Hall Improved
    League Champion Hall Original
    Route 113 Improved
    Route 113 Original
    Friendly Shop Improved
    Friendly Shop Original

    Also, here is a sample for the Kanto OST.
    Lavender Town - Improved
    Lavender Town - Original

    Please comment about what you think.

    Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section but I think it fits here.
    I have also posted this to the MinecraftForum, which I am a regular to.
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