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    Dec 21, 2015
    Hi Folks,

    Ok so am about to mod a few GBA's (just waiting on ribbons arriving) and would like some advice on glass lenses. I was originally opposed to doing this as I had heard varying reports on these (from screens arriving scratched to the lenses not lying flush). However, I think the clarity of the screen would probably be enhanced, slightly, by using a glass lens.

    The advice I am looking for is how to attach these to the shell. When you order the plastic screen they have adhesive already on them, whereas the glass lenses don't. What is the preferred method to attach these? I was thinking of using double sided tape cut to size but not sure if this is the way to go. Also, a question for anyone who has fit these - do they lie flush on your shell or are they raised due to the shell bulge with the added adapter inside.

    Advice appreciated!

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    I bought a GBA light kit that came with 2 lens one plastic one glass and it came with a shitload of double sided 3M tape that u used to adhear it to the shell the glass lens is depper sunk in the the outlining shell so it does not stick/bluge out at all
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    The lens dosent flex like the plastic ones do. If the shell is uneven when the screws are all in, then the lens will pop out.
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    I bought a glass lens off ebay with adhesive already on it, it was only about $6. Just pry the old one off either either fingernails or a flathead and try to clean up some of the gunk before you put the new one on.