GBA games have weird colours when playing on NDS

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    Have you ever noticed that the colours are quite different when playing GBA games on the NDS? Sure, they should be more vibrant and all because of the larger amount of colours that the DS has, the same way GB and GBC games are more colourful on the GBA,'s never happened on the GBA that colours would be way different. On the DS it's possible - when I've tried inserting and playing Golden Sun on the DS lite, not only some of the colours were so much more "colourful" that they were unbearable, like the sand walls in any desert, but moreover pools of water were bright violet instead of blue!

    Now, I really hate to see my favourite game look the way it's not meant to, purple pools really don't make me happy...isn't there any way to turn it off? Or is it an LCD thing which cannot be removed in any way? And if it's an LCD thing, I guess it happens on all the DSes, not just lite, right?

    Also, does anyone know whether games have different colours (eg. blue pools in Lalivero also turn bright purple in GS) on GBA SP?
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    You can try adjust the brightness before playing GBA game. But other than that there is not much you can do.