gba ez 3in1 expansion for sd lite

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    Feb 11, 2009
    So i have been trying to play mother 3 on my ds using the gba exploder software and my ez 3 in 1 expansion.

    The game runs great and the translation patch works perfect but the big problem is saving

    I can save mother 3 and reload it but it seems to be a 50/50 chance whether or not my save will work when i reload, playing for 3 hours only to get a message saying your save is corrupted is not funny at all,

    i can't save crash bandicoot tranced or XS and Zelda ALTTP has the same problem as mother 3, the save only works when it feels like it

    I have tried saving the game in both slots and as soon as i turn the ds off i turn it back on and back up my save, so i don't think im waiting too long, i don't know what else to try

    my saves come back with the wrong names aswell, like instead of marioadvance.sav it will say ma5ioadtanc3.sav so i don't know what that shows, and reloading the saves leads to a message stating they are corrupted.

    Should i replace my battery? anyone know if thats definitely whats wrong or is this just normal?

    Is this a sign of a bad battery or is it just a failing 3 in 1?