GBA Exploder .57 not working

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by Wizard298, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Aug 9, 2007
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    Also sometimes when I boot up gba exploder 57 it won't let me choose my games sometimes, it locks up and It randomly let me use it, but once I get it to work it works, but If I remove something from my micro sd card I load it up and it won't work again.

    Then once I do get it to work the damn thing will make a sav file, but when I go back in to load it or load from slot 2 it says sav file not found.........

    I am at my witts end here really wtf is going on why is it that it's fucking up like this?

    I have a EZ 3 in 1 flash card.

    I have gba exploder.nds and the ini file with the read me file on the root of my sd card and GBA save and sign folders there and my GBA folder with my roms and nothing it won't even let me switch to NOR mode cause it says 0 games at the top.