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    Hello All,

    I have an X-rom 512 flashcart but no Link Cable. My card is completely empty. I want to flash the card with some games but the link cable is no longer avalible from any website and if it were, it would be just as expensive as buying a new flashcart. I was curious as to how I could be able to flash this card. I have tried GBA Exploader v0.58b but it states slot 2 expansion slot not found when I insert my card. Is there any patch I could use which would enable this to work with x-rom 512. Its a pretty basic card and can use either littlewriter's fw or pogoshell so its versatile. It also worked great playing ds games early on with a patcher. Items I have to try to figure this out is a computer, a NDS lite with R4(ysmenu), an original gba and a micro. Thanks

    tl;dr: should I just buy a new card?
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    no, gba exploader is hardware specific software.
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    The cables themselves may also be hardware specific. Your best bet is to try to replace it on the used market. Someone did recode GBA Exploder for a cheap card on deal extreme and it worked great but if you can't code You're out of luck.