GBA Exploader 58b trouble.

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    Oct 2, 2007
    Hi guys, I've slightly inconvenienced myself and can't figure out why it happened.
    I tried searching around for some info but couldn't find anything helpful, and the readme didn't explain much either.

    So maybe someone can help me understand the Exploader a bit better as to avoid this again.
    I was playing Mother 3, and tried to use miltiple .sav files, I loaded an older one to check something, then loaded the one I was actually playing on, which was about 2 hours ahead of the older one. My main save file was at the top of the list. and my older one I saved at the bottom of the 5 slots.

    After I loaded the older one at the bottom of the list, and found out what I wanted, and went back and loaded the top sav file (which was supposed to be my current progress) It was showing the save games of the older file. Now I can't access/find my latest saves anywhere. So I lost about 2 hours of progress.

    When loading the loader I have the window that says "Write SRAM to SAV file" and 5 slots.
    When choosing a game to play, I have the options A-Run, B-Write SRAM to SAV file, X-Backup whole SRAM to SRAM.BIN and Y-Restore SRAM.BIN to SRAM.
    It's running in SDRAM Mode apparently.

    Can someone explain the 5 slots of saves, and this whole SRAM business and use with multiple games(If the 5 slots only allow me 5 different games etc), so I can learn to handle multiple saves/games and not lose 2 hours of progress again?

    Thank you all in advance.