Emulation GBA audio emulation differences between Emulators,VC and GBA [Pokémon gen 3]


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Oct 1, 2018
After writing my story I realized it is way to long, so TL;DR: ^^
There are sound differences between the original GBA and Visual Boy Advance – M V2.10 which play sound like it should be while mGBA 0.6.3, nocashgba 2.9a and the VC on my n3DS don’t. Especially noticeable in Pokémon 3rd generation (German ROM) for me with the menu navigation sound.

I couldn’t find anything about that online, so please let me know If you know a solution to fix the VC sound.

If you want to read the whole story feel free to read below ^^.

I'm new to emulation and recently I wanted to play Pokémon Emerald again. The last time I played the game was about five years ago on my GBA SP, but since I have large hands I don’t feel like playing it on the original console.
So, I read some threads in forums about running the GBA games on an n3DS. It seems like everyone and their mother wants to tell you that the 3DS has the original hardware in it so it doesn’t emulate and therefor it’s best to play the games on there rather than emulate it.

An already to long story shorter (^^) – I managed to create an VC .cia for my n3DS and installed it. But the second I clicked “A” for the first time in the game dialogue the sound of the “clicking” noise felt strange to me. At first I thought it’s just me, but because it really bugged me I fired up the original GBA and there was actually a difference.

After that I wanted to know if this is a VC bug, so I decided to test some emulators for the GBA (everyone with a bios file just to be sure). While mGBA 0.6.3 and nocashgba 2.9a play the same slightly wrong tones, Visual Boy Advance – M V2.10 plays the tone perfectly like my original GBA (of course I used the same rom file as I used for the VC inject – German version of the game btw.).

So, at this point I have some questions about this behavior and a possible solution for VC games. I tried to google it for about an hour but either I can’t google or it bothered nobody else because I found nothing regarding this issue.

If you actually made it here, thank you for your patience and if you can tell me anything about that please let me know! This tone glitch is so annoying to me that at the moment I play the game on my GBA because it feels so much better and like the time I spent on it years ago…
I just want to create a VC inject that sounds like it should an have some fun :)
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