GBA as Nintendo 64 Controller

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    Hello everybody !

    Required hardware :
    - 1 GBA/GBA SP
    - 1 GBA to GCN Cable
    - 1 GC to N64 Controller Cable (you need to make one. The easiest way is to splice two extension coords.)
    - 1 FlashCard running the program to make the GBA looking like a N64 Controller

    I have made some edits to the original program that was made by EXTREMSCORNER (Many thanks to him !). The original source code can be downloaded there :

    25/07/2019 version changelog (first shared version) :
    - Game profile builder, directly on the GBA
    - Softreset : A+B+START+SELECT to change fastly between your game profiles
    - Possibility to add your game profiles easily by modifying the source code and compiling yourself the app again

    How to use it ?
    Very simple, just load the program and connect the GBA to the N64 by using the official GBA to GCN Cable, connected to the GC to N64 Controller Cable. It will be recognized exactly as a Nintendo 64 controller while the program is running. Don't forget that the N64 does not fully support hot-plugging, you might require to reset it.

    I prefer this method over using the "GBA Wireless Controller", which has random connection drops and latency spikes.

    TIP : You can connect as many gba as you wish with one single flash cart. When the program is loaded, it stay on the RAM as long as the GBA is powered on so you can just withdraw the catridge from the GBA and load the program on another one. Rumble is supported if you insert a rumble gba game (or the slot2 Nintendo DS Rumble Pack)

    Happy gaming :yaysp:

    P.S : The source code of the latest version is on the archive below, with a ready-to-use binary




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