GBA and GBC gamesave backup devices?

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    I've been searching for months now for a way to back up my GBA and GBC gamesaves so that I can use them in an emulator. Almost all of the solutions I've seen seem to be out of production. I specifically want to backup Pokemon Yellow and Crystal, because I have hours of play time on them and would hate for the battery to run out and lose the data.

    Could you guys please suggest how I can do this? I'm looking for a device under $50.
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    If you know how to read a schematic diagram and solder, you can build your own read/writer device.

    scroll down to "Home made programming systems" for the designs and software.
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    Well, GBA are incredibly easy to backup with just a DS Lite and Rudolph's GBA Backup Tool.

    For GB/GBC, as you've said, there isn't a whole lot in production anymore. THere's also the fact that any of them will need an old-style parallel port to connect to your computer with (though that can still be accommodated with a PCI expansion card, or something).

    I bought one of these about a year ago:

    And they do work; and you can still order them. They also have a GBA mode option, but as I've said GBA is much easier to backup with just a DS Lite.
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    Try to get something off eBay or try a non-Gamestop type used video store.