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May 17, 2011
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Hey guys. I've got some games which span from Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance (which use Flash, SRAM and EEPROM) that I would like to be able to backup for use via emulator and return to their commercial cartridges for on-the-go play. I would prefer to work with my GBA and Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard (which from what I've read seems to be out of the question), but I've also got a Windows XP machine and (possibly) a GBC hanging around. I am also a considering installing XP on my Mac to open up my options. I do not own any flavor of Nintendo DS.

The main candidates I've seen mentioned on these threads so far are the GB Transferer 2 (http://www.hkems.com/product/gb/gba-tr.htm) and the Smartboy (http://smartboy.ugu.pl/), which should both fit the bill for GB and GBC. However, neither appear to be fully compatible with GBA titles so if I choose either of them I'll have more shopping to do.

Here's what I've gathered about the GB Transferer:

...now for the Smartboy:

  • Supports transfer via USB
  • Doesn't support any GBA save formats
  • Doesn't appear to be available at the moment (googling for it has yielded me nothing, http://smartboy.ugu.pl/ have yet to start selling it again since 12/9 of last year in spite of stating it would resolve all delivery issues by May. The site's forum has been down since I first tried clicking the link to it on their homepage)
I am currently under the impression that these two products are my best shot at working with pre-GBA titles. Am I correct? If so, which one should I choose, and what should I get for GBA saves? Otherwise, is there something that'll give me everything I'm looking for that I've missed in my research? Thanks in advanced!


If it doesn't support GBA: Use GBA_Backup_Tool by Rudolph on a NDS flashcart.

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