Gateway 3ds code search issue


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May 28, 2015
United States

I know users may have an opinion when it comes to gateway, but I am limited to using it due to having a jap 3ds xl I need to use it.

Has anyone else had problems with its cheat engine not being able to perform unknown code searches.

Whenever I try perform an unknown search I get a quick error flash saying unable to perform memory dump then sends me back to the code search type options.

I am able to perform a known value cheat search.

Its puzzling me as I haven't had problems in the past, it has been a few years since I have made any cheats for the 3ds and my console has not been touched or changed, so its firmware is still 9.1 using I think menuhax to boot into homebrew then gateway, which has been my process for years.

The reason I am using gateway is mainly for its cheat engine feature but also the console is jap and I cant read or understand the on screen options etc.

I also have an Australian 3ds xl that used to be set up the same way but for some reason I forgot the button command to boot menuhax on boot so cant boot into gateway anymore.

I think then years ago I must have installed a cfw as it boots straight away and has homebrew files installed, but I have no idea what it was I did back then.

I cant use gateway on this console, when I try boot it, the screen turns into a weird static screen and crashes the console.

Ideally I wish I could remember the actual exploit I set up on my jap 3ds as I know it used to work on the Australian console.

Or are there easier/better ways of finding cheat codes, another reason for gateway is to simply run roms off the cart and not have to have a massive internal sd card to download+install cia files.

Anyway has anyone else had issues with unknown code searches.


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