Gateway (3.7.1) updated to emunand 11.0.33u, results to no internet connection

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  1. Tj ang

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Hi, i've encountered a problem of being unable to connect to my router after upgrading my emunand to the latest firmware 11.0.33u, can anyone propose a solution?

    I wanted to access the nstore so i updated... i have a previous backup of my emunand at 9.x version, however i do not know how to proceed with just that file
  2. Biff627

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    Aug 15, 2015
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    Well i would backup your current nand with decrypt9. Use an exploitable game or the HBL.cia (which ever you have/want) and then proceed to flash the old emunand on and see if it connects to the wifi. If not there could be a hardware issue. If it works, proceed to update the emunand again and see if the problem happens again.

    If you dont want to flash the old emunand, try a different CFW like Luma3ds. If it works there, then its a Gateway issue. If it doesnt work, proceed with the above.