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    Like any snob I am a sucker for a good whine and as computer games happen to be my area of snobbery I thought we would start a whine club. This is good as those that play games have among their ranks some of the most illogical, picky, unfiltered, reality detached* and irrationally entitled arseholes known anywhere with such mindsets seemingly being contagious and encouraged to grow.

    *for this I can not look down too disapprovingly at for finance is a mysterious art. However much of what is spewed is about as wrong and obvious to those with a modicum of knowledge in the field as "sega playstation" is in these circles.

    In recent times.
    Someone mentioned the Final Fantasy 7 retranslation project. You will have to drill down a bit to get to the good stuff but even sniffing the proverbial cork[/s] is quite amusing. Now final fantasy fans of all stripes (pre 7, PS1 era, the remakes and even the tramp juice that was FF13 all having distinctly notable entries) have long created some of the finest whines in the gaming world. However as Final fantasy is such a broad field that is has become diluted and attempts to make for a protected field will likely be unsuccessful for some time to come.

    Super Smash Brothers competitive scene.
    Always good to throw rocks into the cave they dwell in. Not so much a fine whine as a consistently good brand you can enjoy with your lunch and not think too much about after.
    Previous highlights include
    Demanding respect despite demonstrating they had at best skim read the book on competition theory and more likely hovered over the shoulder of someone reading about it in reader's digest on a dark train. This combines elements of the meta knight saga and claims that "regional release date differences would make for an unfair advantage as some would get it first".

    Now whine is not necessary to categorise by franchise with reviewers that break from the hive mind often creating the perfect conditions for a fine whine to happen ("what do you mean [insert latest entry in a Nintendo franchise] is not a transcendent work of art?" being an almost ideal set of conditions). In fact some of the best often happen when people attempt to challenge the hive mind (usually questioning whether in fact the culture, such that it is, is in fact a collective of sexist cunts) or return to reality (what do you mean this is a business?).

    Now it should be noted this is about whine and those sharing vinegar will not necessarily be welcomed back with open arms.
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    It sounds like an interesting topic, but I have no clue what you're saying.
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