GBAtemp Exclusive Gaming Perfection...? Breath of The Wild

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    Aug 18, 2015
    I obviously don't mean small things like the autojump.

    Proper dungeons and items, yes. Thing is; can that setup even work in open world design? It might not.
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    Sep 6, 2010
    While I'm loving Breath of the wild... I just can't understand why people give it a 10/10, even it they don't mean "perfect". There's just a lot of stuff wrong with this game.

    *No raw number for durability, which affects strategy negatively.
    *Durability is very much manageable, but it is an upsetting gameplay mechanic despite the actually good design in its entirety (besides the above issue)
    *The sense of reward from doing sidequests and opening chests has been dropped significantly now the pieces of heart are locked to shrine rewards. Money is easy to hoard, ores are money in disguise, weapons break. Armor is the only truly good thing you get from chests and by far the rarest given that a good chunk of the game's armors are found in shops.
    *Too many areas that the main story doesn't cover. Akhalla, Faron, the northern Hedra... heck, The Rito and to a smaller extent Goron areas were also underused. The area between Hedra and the Gerudo desert only is passable because of the Yiga Hideout
    *Dungeons are too small and simple. Shrines "make up for that", except they don't, because the setup destroys the atmosphere and sense of reward from conquering dungeons that past games had. Big mazes that you slowly unravel, getting keys and possibly a dungeon item to open up chunks of the area bit by bit. Enemy variety is extremely low in dungeons this time as well, not to mention the difficulty is close to zero in dealing with those.
    *The story is extremely upsetting. It tells you about the failures of 100 years before the game, and then proceeds to show you how awesome it would've been to play THAT adventure instead of the one you're stuck with. The characters you get to help enter the dungeons highlight this extremely well when you compare them to the champions. The Rito one is especially glaring.
    *Food system is completely broken and you can use it to its fullest from the first minute in the game.
    *Combat system can get stale as neither Link nor most of the enemies evolve in any way besides numbers. There are pleasant exceptions in elemental stuff (both weapons Link gets and a few monsters like Lizalfos that get cool variations).
    *The Great Plateau is incredibly unbalanced in terms of weapons: Your inventory slots are few, enemy variety is low, weapon variety is low... and durability is ALSO low.
    *Horses being locked to stables force you either to waste time on food or keep warping too far away from your goals. As unrealistic as it was, a "Epona's song" was very much necessary.
    *Rain is awful. To deal with Rain you NEED to give up on whatever you are doing to find a place that you can actually use for a campfire. It's a completely unnecessary mechanic, realism aside, due to how much it hampers exploration.
    *Aiming with stasis'd objects is awful, and necessary in a particular shrine.

    It did a lot of things right and is genuinely fun, but i simply can't see how ANYONE would ever give this a 10/10. It's to me a 9/10 like almost every zelda.
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    "but i simply can't see how ANYONE would ever give this a 10/10." & then "It's to me a 9/10 like almost every zelda."

    Kinda answering your own question there buddy.
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    On the one hand I would look at most of the missions in the GTA games and compare them to even a mediocre mission in COD or battlefield or something and it will not end well (and I am not a fan of a lot of the more efforts from those franchises). On the other I recall having long and windy things that took me ages to go through as far back as Might and Magic, more recently Kingdoms of Amalur and Two Worlds 2 did fairly well on comparatively low budgets. A lot of people would look to Elder Scrolls but I am not sure that is a great plan, if anything Nintendo probably looked too closely at that for this.
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    Mar 17, 2014
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    Yeah, it's a really good game, but there are too many flaws to be 10/10. The durabilty feels like a permanent stain.
  6. Pluupy

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    I think it's the fact they're spread out that puts me off. The whole "looseness" of the gameplay rather than the structure I am used to with Zelda games. It's possible the generosity of this game is a bit too much for my taste.
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    Sep 17, 2009
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    Yeah everyone loves The Legend of Far Cry 5: The Breath of the Phantom Pain: No Durability Collector's Edition.
    I must admit I enjoy most of these open world games that have been trending these last few years, but they're starting to get same-y IMO. There's only so many ways you can disguise the formula.
    I mean it's fun to take over enemy bases and shit and become super powerful and totally destroy the story missions on these games, but I've been doing it since the first Just Cause came out. Not to mention every Far Cry since the second one, the last Red Faction, every Saint's Row game, and now even Zelda and Metal Gear aren't safe from this growing trend, which is a radical departure for both franchises.
    From the looks of things, the next Mario game is going to do the same thing as well.
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    Jan 17, 2015
    It's not that the game is perfect, or will appease everyone as much as Nintendo wants it to, but it gets everything right and is sure way much better than most 8 or 9 games I've seen recently. Giving it less than a 10 says it's just as good as games like world of final fantasy, the latest call of duty, horizon zero dawn, and buddy - Zelda it's clearly on another level.

    The way they diversified challenge outside of just "kill loot repeat", the world breathes and interacts, not once as I beat the game I thought "ok that was a stupid idea" or "well this sucks", the way they made sure every item or weapon or quest is meaningful even later in the game. The dungeons themselves are smallish puzzle sessions instead of a long meaningless drag. Nintendo gives you all the tools you need right from the beginning this game has very little backtracking (Dinrah scale being one of the few I recall).

    This game is an absolute masterpiece, everyone knows no game is perfect because there is not a standard to comply as games constantly push their own boundaries even further, and this game right here is nothing but the new benchmark of the industry.
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    And how exactly did it put games like tes/fallout and witcher series to shame?
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    It puts vanilla Skyrim and Fallout 4 to shame in sheer fun factor, if nothing else. It also gives you far more freedom, whereas those games feel quite limiting despite being open-world. Not to mention Skyrim and FO4 are far buggier than BotW now, let alone at release. Lastly, difficulty. There is none in Skyrim/FO4. You're a god of death less than halfway through. Whereas BotW offers different challenges for different people, and a fairly steady curve of progression.

    Witcher 1 was good, Witcher 2 was great, and Witcher 3 is where CDPR really brought everything together. I rate BotW higher than the first two, but a little bit under Witcher 3, which is still a massive achievement considering the disparity in graphics shinies (technical term).
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    The word perfect makes me anxious. To me this game was like MGS V with swords - kojima banter. It was an exceptionally fun game to play on my Wii U but I wouldn't call it a 10/10
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    Just got the master sword.. Missing the Goron dungeon. Explored almost the whole map, haven't done many shrines though. Oo Lacking good armor... Bows... Low on resources.. Yet I keep coming back for more.
  13. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    it's not perfect but it's damn close!
  14. s157

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    Sep 23, 2016
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    I'll give BotW a 10/10 once I manage to beat Calamity Ganon solely by throwing sticks at him.
  15. Yepi69

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    Nov 29, 2010
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    And people around here said gaming was dead.
  16. Robfozz

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    No. I personally think it's far from perfect (go read my thoughts on it in the user reviews, shameless plug). The gameplay is super fun and the world is interesting and has a lot to do but the story sucks donkey dick, theres hardly any music, the beasts suck and aren't good replacements for dungeons, the main quest is very short, the shrines get way too samey after you do like 10, almost every puzzle in this game is solved with the magnet rune, I could go on for days about everything this game does wrong because it just doesn't do a lot right.

    It's easy to ignore a lot of the games problems because it really does nail a couple things but the illusion is broken if you just take a step back. This is coming from a lifelong Zelda fan whose favorite games in the series are Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, believe me, I'm not just some hater
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    I'm of the kind that says perfection can coexist with perfection. The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece for me, but so is Breath of the Wild. Yet they both coexist as very different games, but masterclasses in what they set out to do. Drawing comparisons isn't exactly feasible (I'm gonna use Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild to make my point). Witcher 3 sets out to do different things than Breath of the Wild. A game should be judged by its success in what it's trying to do (its goal), and then by the impact of that goal on the industry or world. A "10/10" game for me (however subjective scores may be) is one that accomplishes those two things. It succeeds in its goals and its goals make an impact, on the industry or in popular culture.

    This metric allows multiple games, even those from the same genre, to coexist in greatness, rather than be eternally, subjectively compared to other games in its sphere. This metric awards well-designed games that make waves of all kinds. Is the game well designed and enjoyable? And did it have an effect on the world around it? It answers all the worries and complaints of everyone. Is it deeply satisfying? Check. Is it an example for other devs? Check. Is it a social phenomenon (i.e. Pokemon)? Check. Did it alter the course of gaming? Check.

    These two lenses - design realization and impact - are the most wholesome way of examining the merits of a game and avoid the problem of apples to oranges direct comparisons.

    Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild can both boast success in their goals as well as an impact on the industry and culture. Therefore, they're both twinkling stars among the masses, even though they're from the same series. Witcher 3 boasts success in its own ways and has also made a huge industry impact, just like Zelda. It joins OoT and BotW in the same gaming stardom.
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    You wanted to see where I live? You stalker...
    I think that 10/10 is just about how much the reviewer enjoyed the game, tbh. Sure, they can put up pros and cons and stuff, but it really comes down to if the reviewer enjoyed it enough to put it up as a 10/10. Again, just what I think.
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    Jan 21, 2015
    OK, I got 8-9 hearts, I finished the Zora Domain, but... where are the dungeons???
    Zora Domain was a big disappointment to me, the shrines are so small and not exiting at all
  20. DarkWork0

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    The Divine Beasts (4 of them) are all dungeons.