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Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Valwin, Nov 29, 2012.

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    It worries me when you post good threads...

    Anyway, that was pretty awesome. I didn't expect to bother watching the entire thing, but I just did. Quite enjoyed it.
    I sure hope now that Nintendo has finally released a timeline, they'll be able to stick to the lore properly and create proper sequels and prequels. They certainly have a lot of room to do so with 3 possible timelines. I think it fits together rather nicely already, despite not even considering continuity till recently.
  3. Nah3DS

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    I have been waiting for this since they announced the new segment. Really solid production, bravo to GT!

    I'm glad Nintendo tied all the games together instead of doing what Konami did with Castlevania (leaving games out of canon and starting again with the latest game).

    It will be awesome if the new Zelda game screws everything again leaving the door open for another 25 years of pointless (but fun) debates :lol:
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