GameStop has laid off over 100 people; 14% of their associate base cut to "optimize business"

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    ♫ Digital killed the Physical star ♫
    ♫ Digital killed the Physical star ♫
    ♫ Lootboxes came and broke your heart ♫
    Oh, a, a, a, oh ...
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    Holy shit, I can't believe some people here are talking about how it would be bad for gamestop to go away because you can buy physical used games there!
    Why? ummmm ebay and amazon? in the last 10 yrs ALL of my physical I've purchased have been used, ALL have come from either ebay or amazon. Not only are they
    LESS than GS and in many A LOT less, but you can always find them in stock! Plus 95% of the time there's no tax or shipping and when there is ...they're still cheaper! Of course if
    you chose to be dumb and buy a more expensive one from a seller, that's on you, but plenty of high rated sellers with discs in very good to mint condition.

    GS was/is poorly managed, didn't keep up with the times and that whole "we're firing people to be more IN-line and efficient with our goals....blah blah" is a bunch of BS, that's what ALL companies getting ready to file chapter 13 do and say. The execs do this just to maximize whatever profits they can, so they can keep collecting paychecks and bonuses until the last door closes. But firing all these people will do nothing but put a strain on the ones who remain as now they have to take on THOSE ex-employee's work loads and it'll just make service/products even worse.
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    This sucks, even though I prefer to buy all my fighting games digital, the prices on their used physical games are usually the best. Amazon is straight scamming people now that they've been conditioned to think it's cheaper. I see a bunch of "cheap gamer" twitter accounts advertising online deals that are a joke compared to GS prices.

    Of course that's probably why they're not doing too well now, can't stay competitive with lower prices alone.
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