GameSaves From Emunand to Luma3ds

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    Aug 5, 2015
    For 2 years I was happy with my ReiNand but seems like it doesn't get updated anymore. So I want to install Luma with a fresh install to my New3ds. I was using Reinand with a boot up menu manager. I've read I can install Luma with that menu manager but all of my tools are outdated, and my card will be a mess in the end with too much stuff. So it's too complicated for me so I want to make a fresh start.
    Using guide, I will format my sd card and install Luma with this guide. (I'm still on 9.2 sysnand)

    My question is this, I want to store my savefiles. Can I use JK's save manager to backup my emunand saves, and after I installed Luma, can I install those saves back?

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    Yes, because decrypted save dumps can be restored to any other NAND
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