Games you have completed.

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    I have very few thinking about it.
    Silent Hill 2
    POP games for the XBOX
    LOZ games (like 3-4)
    Mario Games (1 or 2)
    Gauntlet games (all)
    RE games (like 2)
    Pokemon games (like red, silver, pearl)
    Overdose (1 and the expansion)
    Oddworld (2 games)
    Halo (all 3)
    Gears of war (both)
    God of war (just 2)
    Magical Starsign
    Boktai 4
    Chrono Trigger
    Super Princess Peach
    Wii marvel game
    Orcs and Elves.
    Super Mario 64
    My Entire game life since I was 3-4 trying to play mario and gauntlet with my parents on the nes and later on when the snes came out(well when we could afford it grew up broke)

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    my life so far has been based around what?
    I mean hell what the fuck have I been doing my whole life.
    besides my few hundred comics and 30 books and 15 dvds I havent done shit and none of that is note worthy