Games with Gold announced for July 2022

Microsoft announced today the new Games with Gold additions for July.
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island ($9.99 ERP): Available July 1 to 31
  • Relicta ($19.99 ERP): Available July 16 to August 15
  • Thrillville: Off the Rails ($9.99 ERP): Available July 1 to 15
  • Torchlight ($14.99 ERP): Available July 16 to 31
This also means it's your last chance to grab two of June's games. Aven Colony and Raskulls will be leaving the service tomorrow, June 30.

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Jan 10, 2019
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Unless something has changed and I've missed it, Epic is the only PC Games storefront Buying Exclusivity rights to their store.

That's probably my biggest gripe with their service and why I refuse to use their service more than anything. The free games is a marketing ploy because it's pretty much the only way most people would even consider installing EGS over/next to Steam, IMO.

Leave exclusivity to the consoles, where it's necessary for competition in hardware sales. Trying to make PC games exclusive to a specific store software is petty and desperate.
Yes, there is much to dislike about console gaming and their lock on store front is definitely one of them. Epic throwing money to built their store have many benefits as long as they don't become monopolistic. I can understand people wanting to have all their games in one repository. I would love that very much too as long as I don't get rip off by monopoly.

If Apple were to rule the world you will only have to buy a game once and play it everywhere, would you like that?
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