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    Most of these probably won't get published so it's kinda weird they have ratings on esrb though. Anyone more info on these?

    Animates DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. (July 2007) no mention of it on their site

    Prism: Light the Way Eidos (puzzle game released for PC and mobile phones in Nov 2006)

    Imagine Master Chef Ubisoft (Sep 2007)
    most likely 0649 Edamoto Naomi no Shiawase Kitchen - Kakushi Aji wa Anata ga Kimete ne
    Now if indeed this is/was Happy Kitchen it takes 5 minutes just to get past the story mode (no you can't press Start to skip either).

    Clue, Mouse Trap, Perfection, Aggravation Destination Software

    Major League Baseball Destination Software (this isn't MLB 2K7)

    Top Gear: Downforce Kemco

    most likely 0967 Simple DS Series Vol. 13 - Ijoukishou wo Tsuppashire - The Arashi no Drift Rally
    It appears that Kemco USA went belly up as their domain name expired, etc. Probably won't see this title coming to USA.

    Army Men - Major Malfunction Global Star Software
    this one appears dead in the water
    was the last Army Men game to be released.

    In 2003, 3DO filed for chapter eleven, bankruptcy. The major franchises were auctioned off, and Army Men was purchased by Crave Entertainment.

    In 2004, Crave Entertainment published Sarge's War. The PS2 and Xbox versions were completed by some members of the original 3DO Sarge's War development team. Then Crave released Army Men: Major Malfunction for Xbox (as well as a limited region PS2 release), and planned a DS version, which apparently was not released, because no screenshots or reviews can be found, nor does it show up on the Nintendo website. The Xbox/PS2 version is currently the latest game in the series. Future installments are possible, but unlikely, due to the poor critical and commercial performance of Sarge's War and Major Malfunction. However, the Army Men series, 40+ game releases strong as of Major Malfunction, as well as Army Men: Platoon Command for Gamecube (cancelled), has rarely been critically acclaimed, yet still seems to sell enough to generate revenues for publishers, even outliving its original developer.

    Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift Crave Entertainment only lists is for PS2 which came out April 2007