Games that can be ported to the DS

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    A lot of you are making requests for games, and the almost always are unoriginal requests for a commercial game to be ported to the DS. Most of these will never happen.

    To make it more clear why, here are two rules. For a game to be ported to the DS, _one_ of these MUST be satisfied. Even satisfying one of these doesn't necessarily make a game possible to port, as special circumstances always arise.

    1. The game must be open source. Without the source, it's virtually impossible to port to a completely different platform. Even with the source, the entire API must be replaced, and often the user interface must be rewritten also. Halo, World of Warcraft, Half-life, etc is NEVER going to happen. The reasons Quake and Doom happened is that they are open source, were ported by people with great knowledge of both target systems, and were often written to be portable (but not always).

    2. The game must be simple enough to be rewritten. Sure, someone _could_ write their own Halo for the DS, but very likely, nobody will have the time to complete it. Also, it will inherently be different, enough so that it probably won't deserve being called the same as its namesake. Also, see all the fanmade Zelda games for PC? How many of them are any good?

    That said, there are many things that CAN be ported to the DS, so don't shy away from making suggestions. But I suggest you do a little research first. Find if it is open source or if there is an open source clone. Also, see if it runs on more than one platform, to see if it will be easier to port. Finally, if the project is big enough, get it on SVN and work together to make sure the project doesn't die out.
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    Halo DS.

    This video's real. You can check up Halo DS on They were actually going to make Halo DS, but due to licensing conflicts, it got canceled. We were close. [​IMG]
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    Actually that was all bs, some people modded james bond for the ds.
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    Jan 24, 2008
    It wasn't quite BS, but somewhere inbetween. Correct me if I'm wrong but, it wasn't endorsed by Microsoft or Bungie but was a 'proof of concept' produced by an EA team with the Goldeneye DS engine to be used to pitch the product.

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    No, an editor of IGN, Matt something, made it. That's all. That simple. Nothing was ever done, it was just fake.
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    Some great homebrew I've have played have been when some thought outside the box, some of these requests have actually not been about porting a PC version of a game but instead a homebrew title dedicated to the DS.

    Who are you to preach at people?
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    Star Control 2


    It is open source and has been ported to different OSs with the 3DO source code. [​IMG]
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    We need more people with no life to hack.
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    Well, if it's so easy to mod Goldeneye, we could do it ourselves