Games of the Month: March 2013

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    Luck of the Playstation EyeRish. Also fuck me there's a lot of game releases. Also make sure to wish me happy birthday on the 19th. I'll be the big two-oh.

    If I missed a game you really want coverage on then simply send your write up to me (via PM). If it's good enough and follows proper formatting I'll add it here with credit to you! Check the "Other Releases" section at the bottom to see what games I would want write ups for but am not all too qualified to do myself. You can also do write-ups for games I didn't even list. Sometimes things slip my eye.

    From now on, I'm going to include a template for submissions. Simply fill in the template below and PM me.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Some rules and stuff.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Casltevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

    Platform: 3DS
    Developed by: MercurySteam
    Published by: Konami
    Release date: March 5th (North America), March 8th (Europe), March 9th (Australia), March 20th (Japan)
    Genre: Action-Platformer
    My Hype Level: Mild salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: Mild salsa


    I'm actually quite fond of the later Castlevania games, Symphony of the Night is like one of the best games ever to me. I also really enjoyed Dawn of Sorrow, so I should have high hopes for another Nintendo handheld Castlevania. However this is under a different developer (the same people who are making Lords of Shadow 2 as well as the previous one) so I'm not terribly optimistic. Best wait for reviews.

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Platform: 3DS
    Developed by: Next Level Games
    Published by: Nintendo
    Release date: March 20th (Japan), March 24th (North America), March 28th (Europe)
    Genre: Platformer
    My Hype Level: No salsa


    I never saw the appeal of Luigi's Mansion. It was a Gamecube-era launch title that no one seemed to care about. It was just the only game people could remotely care about in the Gamecube launch. It really just seems like it suddenly grew this fanbase as an "underrated gem" although it seems really blah compared to about a hundred other games that generation. But behold, here's the sequel, now for the 3DS. So yeah, my thoughts are generally the same.

    Dear or Alive 5 Plus

    Platform: Vita
    Developed by: Team Ninja
    Published by: Tecmo
    Release date: March 19th (North America), March 20th (Japan), March 21st (Australia), March 22nd (Europe)
    Genre: Fighting/Underage Porno Simulator
    My Hype Level: Disgusting expired sala
    GBAtemp Hype Level: No salsa

    I really hate Team Ninja. I know that I'm getting a bit riled up over this but the dev is just full of some of the dumbest pervs in the industry. They made the mother of terrible statements hiding under the shroud of "it's Japanese culture!" to make anyone who criticized them seem culturally ignroant. Well fuck off Team Ninja, you're known for a terrible Metroid game, some Ninja Giadens, and a series of Tekken rip offs. Congrats. Anyway I won't buy this game. Ever.

    Tomb Raider

    Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
    Developed by: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal
    Published by: Square Enix
    Release date: March 5th (North America, Europe, Australia)
    Genre: Action
    My Hype Level: Mild salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: Mild salsa


    I have played some Tomb Raider, not a lot but some. That being said this is a reboot so it's completely different. It's kinda a bit Uncharted but with some survival aspects from what I gathered, which seems fine since I love Uncharted, but it doesn't seem terribly thrilling. Maybe if the reviews are good and it's cheap I'll get it.

    Bioshock Infinite

    Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
    Developed by: Irrational Games
    Published by: 2K Games
    Release dates: March 26th (North America, Europe, Australia)
    Genre: FPS
    My Hype Level: No salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: Medium salsa


    I never liked Bioshock. I thought the first game was just bad. A ton of plot holes and forgettable gameplay really made me wonder how it got such high scores and huge praise. But anyway, after the less well-received Bioshock 2, they're starting fresh with Bioshock Infinite, ditching the ocean for the sky and this 50's-era pseudo-communist feeling for good ol' fashioned Americana. But being as I never liked the franchise, I'll give this a pass.

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

    Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC
    Developed by: Terminal Reality
    Published by: Activision
    Release dates: March 19th (North America), March 22nd (Europe), March 27th (Europe)
    Genre: FPS
    My Hype Level: No salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: Pineapple salsa (CONTROVERSIAL)


    There's been a bit of controversy surrounding this game between its defenders and its opponents. I fall in the latter. The graphics are bad. People say "Graphics aren't everything!" but it's a really solid indicator of game quality. Especially with a game based on a big franchise by a big publisher, if you have shoddy graphics, then there's something wrong. The developer hasn't done anything really special, just BloodRayne (the first two, not that apparently solid recent game), Ghostbusters and... Kinect Star Wars. The game has had very little press, receiving its first trailer a couple weeks ago and it's coming out soon. Black Ops: Declassified followed a similar press trend and look how well that went. Plus The Walking Dead universe isn't well suited for an action game, it's much better for a drama... like the Telltale game. So no, this doesn't look good. At all.

    Gears of War: Judgment

    Platform: Xbox 360
    Developed by: People Can Fly, Epic Games
    Published by: Microsoft
    Release dates: March 19th (North America, Australia), March 21st (Japan), March 22nd (Europe)
    My Hype Level: No salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: No salsa


    Gears of War has always seemed to be a really mediocre TPS franchise for me. It's never really done a lot that's interesting while most other TPS games have an edge to them. But Gears still sells and here's a prequel, set before the first game, focusing on Baird instead Marcus, if you really care about story. I only played the first two because my brother had them but no way in hell would I buy them willingly.

    God of War: Ascension

    Platform: Playstation 3
    Developed by: Sony Santa Monica
    Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Release dates: March 12th (North America), March 14th (Japan, Australia), March 15th (Europe)
    My Hype Level: Mild and medium salsa combined, split half and half
    GBAtemp Hype Level: No salsa


    God of War is kinda one of those guilty pleasures for me. They're a bit stupid but I have enjoyed them all. They're just over-the-top and fun. Not necessarily deep or anything but they're fun, and in a game, that's what matters. However I paid $40 for all five games, and I certainly don't feel like paying $60 for a new one. Anyway this is a prequel to the whole series, if you care about story, but also features the notable addition of multiplayer. I am a sucker for off-the-track multiplayer modes instead of your standard "shoot other people" affair so that does peak my interest. Maybe when it's cheaper.

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Platform: Wii U, 3DS
    Developed by: Capcom
    Published by: Capcom
    Release dates: March 19th (North America), March 22nd (Europe), March 23rd (Australia)
    My Hype Level: No salsa
    GBAtemp Hype Level: SALSA VERDE


    I just don't see the appeal of Monster Hunter. Whatever I see as a gaping flaw people just shrug off as "part of the challenge". It just seems really dull and boring. But it has its Japanese fanbase for some reason and of course GBAtemp weaboos love it. So here's MH3U, a sorta-kinda remastering of Monster Hunter 3 but with the features that should've been in Monster Hunter 3. And it's on the 3DS too.

    Other Releases

    Most of these are titles I really don't know much about so write-ups are much appreciated
    • Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
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    Apr 9, 2009
    God dammit Guild the only thing I want from this thread is salsa.
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  3. Terenigma

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    Naruto shippuden: Ultimate ninja storm 3 is also out this month. These games are fantastic and if you havent played it and assume its just another generic naruto game, you are WRONG. Play it and realise that its (imo) one of the best fighting games around at the moment.
  4. Guild McCommunist

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    I've unfortunately played a few of the Naruto fighters and they're pretty by-the-books generic. Not really interesting unless you like the universe. Which I don't.
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    Feb 9, 2010
    la question es...
    que tipo de salsa?
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    Umm... calling MH fans weaboos wasn't necessary, you know :/
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    Guild, not hyped for Infinite? Bioshocking.

    I really like the Bioshock series (even the sequel, which actually improves upon the first game in a lot of respects). Infinite looks like another strong showing; I'll wait for some reviews and word of mouth to trickle in, but my interest is definitely piqued.

    I've been a little... put off by Tomb Raider. It sounds like it has potential, but every time the developers show it off, it seems like they're more focused on more and more ways to beat the living shit out of Lara Croft. I know they're trying for a "gritty" approach here, but at what point does it just start getting weird?

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct?


    Thanks, but no thanks.
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    However taking jokes is.

    EDIT: And I can accurately describe Tomb Raider as Uncharted without the quips that make the constant shit-beating a bit more lighthearted. Nathan Drake gets thrown across a room and he goes "Well, that was exciting". Lara Croft gets thrown across a room and grunts and screams.
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    Castlevanis: LoS-Mof- Meh. LoS was poor. I have little faith in this being any good.
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: I thought the first game was dull. Do not care for this.
    Tomb Raider: It does interest me but I'm going to wait for the user feedback and buy it when it gets cheap.
    GoW Ascension: I'll get it when it gets cheap. I like GoW but I wouldn't say there worth paying full price for.

    EDIT: Monster Hunter is shit.
  10. Hyro-Sama

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    Oct 25, 2009
    After Earth

    It looks as though my backlog can tie me over for another month.
  11. potato3334

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    I loved the salsa hype, but yeah nothing really too interesting this month. I might pick up monster hunter just cuz im a fag like that.
  12. chavosaur

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    Pretty excited for Tomb Raider. I own all the psx games, and im looking into hunting down the ps2 ones.
    This reboot looks rather exciting and it has potential. I'm looking forward to it.
    Now then, I hate to be this guy, but I'm doing it, since I see you seem to have left a title out.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Developed by: Spike Chunsoft
    Published by: The Pokemon Company. Nintendo
    Release date: March 24'th (North America) May 17'th (Europe)
    Genre: Dungeon Crawler/RogueLike
    Chavosaur's Hype Level: Spicy Salsa


    The series has been a relatively successful series, and the games are rather fun. Dungeon crawler games are really fun,
    and mixing Pokemon with it makes it that much more entertaining.

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  13. Bladexdsl

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    Nov 17, 2008
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: day 1 purchase
    Bioshock Infinite: day 1 download :creep:

    the rest: couldn't give a fuck less about

    oh yeah not listed: simcity (someone else can post it i can't be bothered) that's also day 1 download :P
  14. Lanlan

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    Not to be a dick or anything, but i recently discovered that "weaboo" is actually spelled "weeaboo". Also, Monster Hunter is the shit. I'm sorry for the people who don't have the patience to enjoy it.
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    Jul 15, 2008
    kinda of a boring month, but i might try out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity, Casltevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate & Bioshock Infinite
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    Apr 9, 2009
    On a serious note:

    Castlevania 3DS: Looks like Lords of Shadow really will kill the series. Wonderful.

    Tomb Raider: I was surprised to see myself interested in this...might check it out. Actually looks pretty good.

    Bioshock Infinite: Hopefully another absurdly fun and interesting Bioshock game with its new setting. I've always loved the environment surrounding Bioshock. It's just so damn atmospheric I couldn't help but explore every inch of it. Plus the combat is really fun. I loved the variety in #2. I mean shit, I ran through the last half of the game with my drill and plasmids only, screw guns, I didn't need 'em.

    Gears of War needs to be curb stomped and forgotten.

    God of War looks like shit as per the usual. Dante's Inferno 2 plz

    MH3U , checked videos and looks to still play like absolute shit....just in HD. Pass.

    i've been trying to get people to spell it correctly for ages.
    I just gave up.

    and MH doesn't require patience...well it DOES, but it's the patience to play a shit game.
    It's very poorly executed, that's about it. It's a neat concept, ruined by a horrendous combat system. It's also really easy.
  17. Qtis

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    I came here to look at games and will leave with Salsa. Just because it was the shit!

    On a serious note, not many games interest me. I will get Tomb Raider (PS3 or 360 depending on review), Bioshock (PS3/360) and God of War, perhaps Gears of War too, but not with pre-orders. There are only a few games I'd be willing to pre-order, since I have a huge back log and can wait a few months for most games.

    As for the 3DS games, they're kinda.. Meh.. I've got Luigi's Mansion for the GC, but the game is just a Luigi game with average gameplay. Sure it's fun and all, but like Guild said, it's not OMFGBBQ-level of fun. I'd rather wait for Fire Emblem to hit the old continent ("Damn you daylight saving time, this cost us 3 months or something!" :angry:). Genuinely new gameplay is kinda rare nowadays, especially if the game is meant to be playable :3
  18. Warrior522

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    ...yeah, I'm just gonna stick with my Uncharted and Disgaea backlog... again...
  19. Ethevion

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    Sep 23, 2010
    I'll take Bioshock, Gears of War, God of War, and Monster Hunter. You can keep the rest.
  20. Smuff

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    The point at which it gets weird is the point when you start masturbating while playing it
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