Games of the Month: February 2012

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    As usual, the Games of the Month for February is out and about. There's a little something for everyone too. Tekken 3D Prime should interest 3DS fighting fans, Metal Gear Solid 3D finally comes to fruition for some real naked snaking, Devil Survivor 2 brings some life back to the long forgotten DS, Twisted Metal brings some car chaos to the Playstation 3, Grand Knights History brings some Vanillaware magic to the PSP, and the Last Story will surely be an interesting read.

    So whether you're spending your Valentine's Day alone or with your loved one(s), February sure is a month to love.

    Thanks to Hop for all the Japanese title releases. Included this month are Gal Gun, New Love Plus, Ragnarok Odyssey, Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, and Nendroid Generation.

    Check out the full set of write ups at the link below! As always, user submitted write-ups are always welcome, just make sure you double check your grammar and spelling and keep it properly formatting.

    :discuss: Games of the Month: February 2012
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.