Games of the Month: August 2011

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    Just like every month, I've made a new Games of the Month thread, showing you what's in store for August.

    This month seems to be all about the RPGs. The 3DS is getting Devil Survivor Overclocked, a remake of Atlus's Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. The DS seems to still be holding on with a European localization of the highly hyped Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Joker. Deus Ex comes back after a long hiatus with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, while the Wii gets its biggest (English) JRPG in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles, which is only in Europe at the moment. The only non-RPG outing of them is a HD port of Suda51's stylish action hack 'n' slash, No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.

    Community input is always welcome so if you'd like to make your own write up for a game coming up in August that I didn't list, then write it up with the proper formatting and PM it to me. I'll make sure to add it if it's in the correct formatting and appropriate, and you'll of course get credit for it.

    Have a good August, GBAtemp![/p]

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