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Jan 31, 2008
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Games 'n' Music
NDS Flash Card, or is it?


The games and music card for the NDS is not like most flash cards on the market. From datel, a company that like to stays on the legal side of things. They have made a card that can be sold in major super stores here in the U.S.A, such as Wal-mart or Target. While this card is not a top of the line card, some of the features are a welcoming addition to the world of flash cards; if you love homebrew, like to listen to music, and enjoy watching movies on the go, then this card may be for you.


Inside the box:

Games ?n? Music card

MicroSD reader

CD with video converter and 25 very simple games


Homebrew gaming made easy

This is a true and false statement; the card will make it easy for some users, but should still have a good amount of knowledge before using. The card can only do three things; homebrew, music, and movies. There is no ability for commercial roms on the card; there is not enough Rom or Ram on the card to play a game that big. But For homebrew the card is great, and it’s nice to have a card that can be used only for homebrew. Look up guides and videos to learn more.

Easy to use - drag and drop

Like most cards of this generation it’s all really simple to drag and drop. After they're patched, most of the homebrew roms run with no problem, and the music can move from the computer to the card as longs as its already in .Mp3. Movies will also need a converter. Roms can be patched by using a dldi patchier. Can be download here:

Watch videos and play MP3 sounds on the Nintendo DS

This is one feature that should come with all flash cards with out having to put moonshell on it; just drag and drop the mp3 over to the card, once you're there just use the touch screen and click it. Movies will need to be converted over to the format but the quality is still very good. This is a good way to watch videos, like robot chicken, or aqua teen hunger force, but episodes only run 10 min. Video converter app included. It is not the same as moonshell. The format is .Dv3, which is good quality. Moonshell can be put on but patching is needed. Music will play when the NDS is closed, but there is no way to change a song.

Comes with 25-game CD

Give or take, some games are good, and others are crap, and it’s best just to download some of the newer homebrew games out. While they are harder to come by, there are many sites that have homebrew that is all ready to go on the card; pre-patched, but others will need some extra work.

Includes 128MB MicroSD card

Yes it will come with the card, but like most gamers know, the bigger the card the better. And if there are mp3?s and videos the card, it can fill up fast, up to 2GB of memory will work, the flash card will not do SDHC, but 2 gigs for homebrew and music is good amount of space.


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Games 'n' Music contains everything you need straight out of the box, for your PC (Windows XP or later required). The CD has the video converter on it, but after that the CD is useless. And it does not come with everything right out of the box; you must download patching tools, for homebrew play.


Software need: the dldi patchier and the video converter.


The card works, for music, video and homebrew, though this will not play the commercial roms. But you get what you pay for.


It’s nice to have a card that is meant just for homebrew and media. Holds up to 2 GB and that is plenty of room for music and movies. If you love homebrew look in to it. If you have the cash, this card is nice, but get a commercial play rom card first.

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