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    Dec 19, 2015
    United States
    Im on a 9.1 japanese N3DS, got my games running on emuNAND through rxtools and all that. Every now and again I install a game that just refuses to play. It will try to load but then pop up to tell me it has to reset now. Faulty cia? My 3DS? the game is New Art Academy (EUR) and Tomodachi Life (USA) I can play region free games so that shouldnt be the issue.

    I also have an infuriating problem with the game Disney Magical World, no matter what cia I install (region free, non, usa, euro) the game just loads to a black screen and freezes there. I know the usa cia I had works on my brothers O3DS so I dont know why it wont work on mine! Funny enough his O3DS will only load the usa cia, not the euro one, even though it should also be region free.
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