1. Rebound

    OP Rebound GBAtemp Fan

    Jan 31, 2008
    Hey all, I've been away from the Wii Scene for quite awhile and recently decided to boot up my Wii again.

    I installed cIOSX rev21d2x as it seemed like the most current, I used multi-mod manager and installed over both IOS 36 and IOS 249 (36 failed the first time so I used 249, then 36 worked after that)

    Whenever I boot up a game in USB Loader GX it works for a while then just freezes, anyone have any idea what's wrong? I've tried Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Sports Mix, they both froze after a small amount of gameplay.

    I'm booting them using the newest USBLGX and using IOS 249, 4.3E.

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