1. chonky

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    Mar 5, 2016
    I have a problem with a few Japanese games as they display garbled text where Japanese text should be. Some other games would simply not display any text, this was in USB Loader GX, but the text was displayed properly on CFG USB Loader. However both loaders have the garbled text problem.
    I already tried changing the language setting to Japanese (by default it was Auto), but that didn't do anything.
    Some sources address this problem and say you're supposed to turn on the VIDTV option to fix it, but that didn't do anything on either loader. Are there any extra steps to make that one work? Or maybe it's just not guaranteed to work on ANY game?
    I also tried turning on Video Patch or Country Fix but none of it makes a difference.

    The truth is I'm only getting this problem with Twinkle Queen for now, while all other JP games I've tried have displayed all text nicely, but still it'd be nice to know a solution in case I stumble upon more games throwing me this problem.
  2. SuperrSonic

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    Dec 9, 2011
    Puerto Rico
    OK, I ran into this problem myself, and though I hilariously thought redirecting to a modified SYSCONF and setting.txt would be the best solution, I found that the VIDTV patch is the better solution.

    The patch only covers one scenario, which is why it doesn't work in every game. Instead of bothering to try and make the patch more compatible I made an IPS patch that fixes it for this game for now. It's a minor thing, but I dislike that if you reset while playing most settings/patches are gone, so if you patch the main.dol it would be permanent. If you're playing off the disc you can load an alt dol from SD/USB with USB Loader GX.

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