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    Mar 16, 2007
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    I recently shopped at gamersection, and they sent me a wrong item. So I emailed them and they were really quick with replacement shipping.
    I was really pleased with how quickly they reacted, they didn't need to receive the wrong item first, they shipped me replacement about as soon as they got the email from me. (Well I did mention that I need to have it by my girlfriend's birthday which isn't very far)

    Opposed to how the DVDs I ordered took 12 days from Seattle to Vancouver (dude, it's like a few hours by car. I could have picked it up myself and save 11 days if I had known), and wrong items were in it, and they refused to exchange for the right item. I wanted to kill this guy, go to his funeral and kill everyone who mourns.

    I experienced two consecutive packing mistake by one DVD store and gamersection, and experienced two extremely opposite service. And gamersection is on the good extreme side =D. If you live in Canada (especially QC or ON, I live in BC and shipping took a while, 4-5 business days I think) and never tried gamersection, it's quite satisfactory.