Gamepad + Nintendon't - Work on SD but not on Injects??


Feb 1, 2016
United States
Evening all,

I had modded my Wii U via CBHC a few years back, and I couldn't get Nintendon't to work with it for whatever reason. Lots of black screens. I eventually got frustrated with it and just enjoyed it as a Wii and Wii U machine. I decided to give Nintendont another go and it seems to be working! I was bombing down the slopes in 1080 Avalanche in style on the gamepad. I grabbed TeconMoon / PirateSephiroth Wii VC injector to create a few Channels and they worked and installed fine, too. But now my gamepad no longer works...when I launch the game it gives me the option to use the Gamepad as a control, to which I select yes. But then it doesn't let me do anything. I can use a gamecube controller just fine with a USB to GC controller adapter I have...and when I press HOME on the gamepad it takes me right back to the Wii U menu.

Gamepad works for Wii U games, and other VC games....but not the Nintendont injects. But once again, if I launch Nintendon't through the forwarder I got via the Wii U USB Helper and load a game through the SD....gamepad works fine.

Few questions as I've sat here and thought and googled around to no avail

1) I leave my USB-GC adapter plugged in when starting Nintendont...does that somehow take precedence as single player over the gamepad? I wouldn't think so but now I'm not so sure....

2a) Could this have something to do with my vWii?? I don't really remember ever modding it...and when I launch a game from the Nintendont forwarder, I don't remember seeing a Wii logo pop-up but I know for a fact when I launch from one of the injects I made it says Wii.

2b) Do I need to install Nintendon't to my vWii somehow in order to get the Gamepad working on my injects?

Sorry for the lack of technical terms in the previous post...If you have any questions or any suggestions for me to check, please advise. Thanks!!
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