GameKlip Review - A $14.99 Game Pad Solution

Discussion in 'Android' started by IBNobody, Jan 5, 2013.

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    I just got my Galaxy S3 GameKlip today in the mail. This is the "new" Gameklip made from one piece of molded plastic.

    Here's a stock image from their website. My setup looks very similar, except I have a Blue GS3 and a Black Sixaxis controller.



    I bought the wireless Galaxy S3 version. I already own the Sixaxis Controller app. The total for both and for shipping was $20.

    I already owned a PS3 controller, but used controllers sell for ~$40.

    If I had to buy a PS3 controller just for this, I'd question the value of the GameKlip. That being said, I expect there to be many PS3 controllers on the resale market once the PS4 is released.

    Connection Impressions:

    The GameKlip unit snaps onto the PS3 controller. The phone slides into the two clips on either side of the unit. The phone is held in place by friction of two foam pads.
    This is sturdy enough for everyday use, but it feels possible to "flop" the GameKlip and phone partially off the PS3 controller. If I had a USB cable plugged into the PS3 controller, though, this wouldn't happen. It's also possible to have the phone fall out of the cradle when holding the device upside-down and shaking.

    For most play scenarios, though, the phone isn't going to fall out.

    Usage Impressions:

    The actual usage of the PS3 controller is... like using a PS3 controller! It's pretty polished. The game pad is positioned well, and I access to all the buttons. I had no issues with the Sixaxis app, either, once I set up my emulators properly.

    I also tried using it as a poor-man's Wii-U. It was helpful in viewing FAQs and maps while playing some PS3 and PC games (via MotionJoy).

    Portability Impressions:

    The device itself is small and fits easily in your pocket. The PS3 remote, on the other hand, is not that portable without big pockets or a backpack.


    I'd give the device 8/10.

    While it may not be as portable as other controller solutions, it's cheap and the controller itself is excellent.
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    Nice review. I haven't seen this before, but I've seen custom solutions that were similar. I went to the site to buy one, but they're sold out :glare:
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    I forgot
    Was thinking of buying these for whenever I play emulators on my own S3, then I remembered the only time I do that is when I'm bored at home and don't need a clip for it.
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