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    [​IMG] Gamegear/master system flash cart from KRIKzz
    Another flash cart from KRIKzz

    KRIKzz is on a roll with another flash cart for an older system, this time it is the turn of the gamegear (for those not aware the hardware was near identical to the master system and they could play games from the other system with simple adapters and tend to be emulated at the same time when emulators are made). His previous devices include the Everdrive-MD (megadrive/genesis), Super Everdrive (SNES) and the SMS Master Everdrive (master system) and he has announced he has started work on a N64 flash cart.
    Prices look to be around $80 USD going a bit higher for USB sporting versions.[/p]

    device description:

    Flash cart for Sega GameGear

    + max supported ROM size up to 8mbit (1mbyte)

    + 32kb FRAM for game saves keep.

    +GaeGear and SMS games are supported

    +Supported standard sega mapper and codemasters mapper

    +USB port for homebrew development*

    +OS can be updated from SD or USB

    + save ram data can be stored or loaded from SD card

    + Micro SD cards support.

    + FAT16 support. 2GB max partition size

    +Supported Micro SD size 2GB max

    + flashed game will stay in memory after power off. so no need to choice and reflash game after each reset or power off

    cart comes without a shell, but standard shell can be used (without modify)

    *USB port available only on "Everdrive GG+USB" cart version

    * homebrew software could communicate with PC via virtual serial port interface. All USB port operations controlled by GG Z80 CPU, so USB port can not be used if cart not attached to console.

    [​IMG] Link to project home page
    [​IMG] Ongoing discussion

    Many thanks to wyndcrosser for bringing this news to our attention.

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