Gamecube on Wii best video quality NTSC or PAL games?

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  1. g12345567

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    Jan 20, 2013
    Have a softmoded PAL GameCube backwards Wii console and never actually played any GameCube games on until recently as I just got a new GameCube controller.

    Read many threads on the topic but never really got a definitive answer.

    On my 32" Full HD TV I can play both PAL and NTSC games on my console.
    For the same game titles which would be better video quality. The PAL or NTSC title?
  2. MaeseJesus

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    Apr 3, 2013
    I am from a PAL region too, and let me say to you that, if you want to compare PAL60 to NTSC, most games look better with their NTSC version.

    Some games have horrible PAL conversions. One big example I can give is Sonic Heroes. It's PAL version has some framerate drops and ugly interlacing issues. Now the NTSC (With 480P) looks sharp, nice and the framerate stays at 60, no drops. It's just plain better all around, and if you force it to be widescreen (Through Nintendont) it's even better. Still, even this bad PAL conversion is better than the PS2 port, lol.

    Of course, not every PAL version of a game is worse. It's a game by game case, I'm afraid. Then you have the problem of games that only run at PAL50. Those will play around 16% slower than the NTSC games, and it's a biiig difference once you find out.

    That said,thanks to Nintendont you can force some PAL games to play in 480P; and most of the time they look much better than in Pal60. I remember games like Chibi-Robo or Path of Radiance looking the same as the NTSC with the added bonus of the PAL languages.

    My recommendation would be that you went for the NTSC version of a game to avoid bad conversions or "only PAL50" issues, and only go for PAL games for the languages or something extra (Like Luigi's Mansion much better Hidden Mansion mode).

    You can always look at this list to see which games can be forced to 480P to look better:

    Sorry for not giving you a clear definite answer, it's not that simple...