Gamecube MultiBoot ISO burned has 68.82% quality in DVDInfoPro

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    My Gamecube MultiBoot ISO that I created has a bad quality in DVDInfoPro. 68.82%.

    I need to know how I could change this?

    My drive is a Slimtype DVD A DS8A1H ATA Device.

    And the disks I'm using to burn are Fujifilm disks. They're not recommended, I know, but I have gotten good ratings before in the past (~92% with Twilight Princess)

    Help? I know that bad quality disks wear the laser out quicker.

    How long does the Wii laser have normally, and how long would it have if I played this backup disk 1 hour a day?

    This is a pretty unique Wii, one that can read backup disks, but can't use Bootmii as Boot2. It was bought in about July of 2009, which is after Nintendo disabled Bootmii/Boot 2, but before they addressed the backup loading with new drives.